The first thing I want to point out is that I AM NOT A TOURIST GUIDE and I do not want to present myself as such. I am a Venetian who enjoys sharing his free time proudly and with great enthusiasm introducing tourists to the city in which he was born and  deeply loves.

The objective is to show Venice as if you were a local  Venetian. During this experience I can provide a deeper insight as we move through the canals of Venice.

For example, a Venetian does not  generally travel by boat, taxi or romantic gondola, but  instead uses a traditional wooden boat which is called a "Topa". This boat was originally built for sailing and fishing and is now one of the most popular and traditional boats that have been adapted for use with engines.

I am a Venetian DOC, and I use my ability to drive a typical "Topa" boat to teach driving in Venice and give you the magical experience of moving in this wonderful city of water: the Serenissima.

Venice is a city built on the water and must be seen from the water. It is only from that unique perspective  that you can see Venice's hidden corners and it's magnificent palaces.

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