Waiting for the 2018 Carnival

The Venice Carnival

It has now become an impersonal spectacle cut tailored to tourists that many Venetians do not recognize and no longer feel about them.
From an original Venetian I can tell you that the true Venetian carnival had nothing to do with that of the last 20 years.
Now, Venice carnival, has always lasted 2 weeks but in the last few years has been added a new date ahead of the tourist carnival.
This year the carnival 2018 will take place in the period from 03 February 2018 until 11 February 2018 but the special date will be that of January 27, 2018 where the carnival perhaps more scenic and heard, also from the Venetians in the last few years.
If you are organizing a Venetian carnival weekend remember what you might miss for your eyes and for your memories.
They will leave you a sign forever.

Below you can see the 2017 edition.
(a special thanks to Andrea Rizzo for having, in our opinion, made the best movie of the moment)

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